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 23/12/2019.- The jury’s deliberations have already started
Having recorded all the material we have received, the photograph and videos are handed over to the jury in charge of declaring the prizes for the 30 competition. Please watch for your email, and by that means he will practice all notices and requirements.

On March 3th 2020 the verdict will be published.

By now we have to wait and wish the best of luck to all contestants, also a very Happy Christmas and a good year 2020.

Kindest regards,


 24/11/2019.- Last days. Time is up!
If you have not uploaded any photos to 30 MML - Photo and Video you are still on time to do it. But don’t neglect it. The term is coming to an end, as it ends 1st of December.

Enter the contest Web , upload your photos and/or videos and finish up your participation. We recommend you not to leave it to the last minute and avoid system saturation problems.

Thanks for everything, we hope you decide to participate.


 18/09/2019.- 30 MML-Photo. Registration opened. You can upload photos to the conte30

The period within upload photos and videos to the contest has been opened on the first day of September and remains open..The 30 competition consists of 14 different subject categories. These are the categories in which it is possible to participate:

A/ Mountain Landscape.
B/ Alpinism and winter mountain
C/ Mountain climbing.
D/ Adventure and extreme sports
E/ Man in the Mountain.
F/ Animal World.
G/The world of birds.
H/ Vegetal World.
I/ Submerged World
J/ Biodiversity.
K/ Nature landscapes.
L/ Creative and abstract photography.
M/ Macro picture.
N/ Topic of the year: Drone photo.

Upload your photos and videos for the contest and do not wait until the last moment..

Good luck and good lights.

30 MML

Photo: Jodi Frediani

 01/09/2019.- Presentation 30 Memorial Maria Luisa
The Maria Luisa Memorial is calling, one more time, photographers and filmmakers, both amateurs and professionals, to the thirtieth edition of their contest, with the purpose of being able to find new and innovative images that allow us to continue with the promotion of the artistic work at the same time as with the diffusion of the natural environment and its necessary protection.

Mountain, nature, wildlife, mountaineering, climbing, landscape, underwater world, biodiversity, flora, extreme and adventure sports, etc. will be the reference of the edition in this contest one more year, not only in the photography categories but in the section dedicated to videos, films and documentaries as well. In addition, on this occasion, a new thematic category dedicated exclusively to photography with drone, aerial or overhead perspective is called.

With the rules, instructions and advice provided you will easily be able to prepare your photographs and/or videos to compete in a contest that lacks any commercial purpose, and in which, as usual, only you and your work will be the true protagonists.

One more year, good luck to everyone and good light.

30 MML

 12/08/2019.- 30 MML

The 30 María Luisa Memorial of Photography will begin next September 1st. Prepare your best photos and videos of mountain, nature and adventure.

Photo: Mohammad Murad

 19/05/2019.- Finished 29 Memorial María Luisa
La ceremonia de entrega de premios clausuró anoche la 29 edición del Memorial María Luisa. El escenario del evento fue este año uno de los edificios más emblemáticos de la ciudad de Oviedo: el Teatro Filarmónica. Pese a su amplio aforo, apenas fue suficiente para albergar a los cientos de personas que allí se congregaron para homenajear a los galardonados y, a la vez, disfrutar en directo de la obra de los mejores fotógrafos de naturaleza del momento.

Fue una velada inolvidable que congregó a aficionados, premiados y autoridades locales y autonómicas.

Premiados llegados de países tan distantes como Emiratos Árabes, Kuwait, Sri Lanka o China compartieron escenario con galardonados españoles y de diversos puntos de Europa. Todos ellos lograron, por un día, hablar un idioma universal: el de la pasión por la Naturaleza y por el trabajo bien hecho.

Una cena en el Hotel de La Reconquista puso fin a cuatro días de celebraciones.

Nos reencontraremos en la XXX edición...Os esperamos!

 01/05/2019.- Awards ceremony of the 29th Maria Luisa Memorial

The Philharmonic Theater of Oviedo, C / Mendizábal 3, will be on May 18, at 7:00 pm, stage of the awards ceremony of the 29th Maria Luisa Memorial, the great photography and video festival.
Photographers and filmmakers from Finland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, China, Australia, Argentina, Sri Lanka and Spain have already confirmed their attendance at the events. Do not miss the great night of the Mountain, Nature and Adventure. We will wait for you!

 28/04/2019.- Book 29 MML-Photo

The portfolio book of the 29th edition of the Maria Luisa Photograph Memorial is about to leave print.
Paper Size 24 x 29,7 cm 144 pages, 136 color photographs. 170 grams gloss coated paper inside. Chrome covered cardboard binding hardback, with printed cover plasticized. Very careful edition.

Buy your book from this website

 01/04/2019.- Film Festival

Durante los días 15, 16 y 17 de mayo tendrá lugar en Infiesto el Film Festival dentro de los actos previos a la gala de los premios del 29 Memorial Maria Luisa, que se celebrará en el Teatro Filarmónica de Oviedo el sábado día 18 de mayo.

En él se mostrarán los mejores vídeos, películas y documentales que han concurrido a concurso este año. Entrada libre y gratuita.

¡No te lo pierdas!

 01/03/2019.- Awards of the 29th Maria Luisa Memorial of Photography and Video
The jury, after evaluating the 17,000 photographs which were submitted to the contest by 1,522 registered photographers from 78 countries, has been reviewing those photographs that proved to be the technically most valuable and the most visually striking, resulting in a set of really memorable images.

Fifteen major awards and eight honorable mentions for each of the fifteen categories that have made the contest. Among them, the photograph Bed of seals by Cristobal Serrano has been highlighted:-itwas declared winner in the Animal World category and also has been awarded with the absolute prize of this edition, Liberbank Grand Prize. Among young photographers, under twenty years of age, the prize went to Lasse Kurkela.

The remaining winners are: in the category Mountain Landscape, Fei Shi (China); Mountain climbing, Jose Allende Marcos (Spain); Climbing, KamilSustiak(AU); in Adventure and Extreme Greg Lecoeur (Francia); in the Mountain-Nature Man category, Ralf Gantzhorn (Alemania); in The world of birds,Cristian Rota (Italia); in Vegetal World, Fran Rubia (España); in Submerged World, Scott Portelli (Australia); in Biodiversity, Ignacio Meden (España); in Nature Landscapes, Wojciech Kruczynski (Polonia); Creative Photo, Matt Engelmann (Suiza) in the World of the tinniest. Macro Photo, Javier Aznar Glez. de Rueda (España). The theme of the year has been devoted to photography in national parks and Marco Ronconi (Italy) was declared the winner.

As for the videos and films, thirty were selected for the official section, awarding six prizes and six honourable mentions; The winner of the FotoRuano Grand Prize has been the film Zabardast by Jérôme Tanon (France). They will be screened during the photo-festival to be held in Infiesto on May 15, 16 and 17.

It is now possible to take a look at this highly particular collection of photographs through the Web and on Facebook. Anyway, the best time to enjoy the images will be during the outdoor exhibition and audiovisual organized within the events that will take place to commemorate this edition as well as the ceremony of presenting awards to the winners. These will take place, in Infiesto and Oviedo, on the 17th and 18th of May, at 7:00 p.m. at the Philharmonic Theaterand the Hotel de La Reconquista in Oviedo will host the awards gala one more time. All the winners are asked for organizational reasons to confirm their attendance as soon as possible to this organization.

A portfolio commemorative book has been edited, it contains all the awarded photos of the 29th edition and you can buy it from this Web.

Congratulations to all the winners. See you in Asturias on the 17thand 18thof May.


List of award-winning photos 29 MML-PHOTO

Movies and videos from 29 MML-PHOTO



Reserve the portfolio book- 29 MML-PHOTO
 19/02/2019.- 29 MML-Photo. The jury completed its work
The jury completed its work. Its verdict will be made public on 1th March.
While waiting for the distinguished photographs in this 29 edition of the Memorial Maria Luisa, we take this opportunity to thank our partners Telecable, Gam, EGM, Grandes Espacios, Alpaca, Hotel La Pontiga, Electrogama Milar, Federopticos Lavandera, Joyería Avelino, Correduría de Seguros Bango, Alsa, Albenor Servicios Veterinarios. Inés Corral Fotógrafos our sponsors Ayuntamiento de Piloña, Principado de Asturias, Borines, Liberbank and Foto Ruano for their contributions which year after year allow this event a reality.
Thank you very much everyone for everything.

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