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 15/12/2002.- Closure of the registration period for slides for the 13th edition
When the 13th Edition of our Competition was launched at the beginning of last September, the Organisation had the firm conviction and intention (foto, pon la que quieras de entre las nuestras, no las de los participantes) that the mountains and their peoples would stand in the limelight in this special edition in commemoration of the International Year of Mountains I.Y.M -2002. And so it has been.

Now, upon the closure of the registration period for slides entering into the Competition, the more than 1.200 pictures entered highlight the great success of the event. More info.

In this Edition, the diversity of landscapes and sports traditionally reflected in the pictures entered into the twelve prior editions of the Competition has been joined by the enormous human diversity, cultural, professional, etc... of the people that inhabit most of the mountainous regions of the planet. That was the very spirit of the I.Y.M. -2002!

Slides by photographers in countries such as Canada, Colombia or the U.S. took part for the first time in the competition, together with others that regularly participate, and the Competition is now well-established in forty countries.

After a year of extremely hard work, the Organisation is taking some days off to celebrate Christmas, and give way for the Jury, who, after whatever sessions and deliberations they may consider necessary, will announce their decision on the special, 13th Edition on the 3rd of January 2003.

All the participants will be promptly and individually notified of the results; other people interested will be able to obtain the information through the press or on this web page.
 14/12/2002.- A decalogue as the culmination of the International Year of Mountains- I.Y.M. 2002
Just as we are shrouded by the oil slick that destructively and continuously lashes the Atlantic and Cantabrian coasts of the peninsula and its natural areas, some of them national parks, the year dedicated to the protection of mountains and their environment draws to an end. Nothing could be better than to put into practice in the future, by both institutions and private persons, the decalogue developed by the geographer and mountaineer Eduardo Martinez de Pison, an expert of long-standing reputation, to avoid "oil slicks" in the mountains, in the form of lack of control, irrationality, political strife, absurd regulations and interests that clash with the environment.

 13/11/2002.- The Itinerant Exhibition arrives in Torrelavega (Cantabria)
Confirming the planning for this autumn/winter, the itinerant exhibition of the "Memorial María Luisa" arrives for the first time in the Cantabrian town of Torrelavega, and is exhibited in the magnificent surroundings of the National Centre of Photography.

 25/10/2002.- Premios Príncipe de Asturias 2002
For everyone involved in the world of mountaineering, it is an honour of great importance that, of the prestigious prizes Príncipe de Asturias, this year, the International Cooperation Prize were awarded to the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), especially when one of its most prominent leaders is Jerónimo López Martínez, a mountaineer from Madrid.

This Continent, the most unknown both from the scientific and sporting point of view, will be the setting for some of the most remarkable mountain-climbing activities and, consequently, photographic pursuits over the following decades, as long as phenomena such as the hole in the ozone layer, global warming or climatic change do not irreparably alter this magnificent and fragile space.

According to Jerónimo López himself "Man cannot change the causes that bring about this (climatic) change, but neither has he ever had such a great capacity to influence the cycles in nature as he has today". Climatic change exists, has always existed, but "we must establish what is due to nature and what is caused by Man". At the Memorial, we hope that this Prize will contribute to this aim.
 01/09/2002.- The 13th Edition of the Memorial MARIA LUISA is called
With the purpose of making the Mountain and its inhabitants the main characthers in this year´s edition, The Memorial Maria Luisa calls a special edition.

Apart from the Winning prize, which will be awarded following the usual criteria, the Memorial will award an extraordinary prize to celebrate the International Year of the Mountains (A.I.M.2002). This special prize will be awarded to the slide which is considered the most representative in showing the social and human condition of the people who inhabit mountainous areas, without any geographical nor cultural limit. Slides showing people,or social groups in their working, living or sporting activities will be the candidates to this special award.

In the sections EDITION 2002, BASES, and FORM you´ll find all the information to take part in the Contest.

 20/08/2002.- GALEN ROWELL dies in a plane crash
Galen Rowell, mountain photographer, and his wife died last Sunday in a plane crash. They were returning to their home in Bishop(California) after circumnavigating the Bering Sea.

The Memorial Maria Luisa has conveyed its deepest sorrow, together with many other condolences from the mountain world, to their family and friends, through the website opened by Mountain Light agency in these terms:

"….It is very difficult to explain to somebody not familiar to the mountain world that you can feel sad and depressed because of the death of somebody whom you have never met. But this is our feeling since we heard of this tragedy. In Memorial Maria Luisa we know about the sad feelings caused by unexpected accidents but, as time goes by, we have also learnt that there are people whose deeds ,while alive ,made them unforgettable and always present in our minds.

The death of Galen Rowell has meant, for Memorial Maria Luisa, the end of the idea, maybe a dream, of having him with us here in Asturias to tell us about his experiences. Those to whom Life wanted to give a second chance will have to resign ourselves to reading some of his books again, keeping on admiring his images, and trying- as he did- to improve in each expedition, in each mountain peak we climb and in every photo we take.

He was a genius in his job. He knew that Life, like the images he tried to capture, is wonderful but ephemeral. That is why he lived intensively as a photographer and as a mountaineer. We hope he is now, together with Barbara, his wife, with our friend Maria Luisa and with all those who have overcome the difficult test of getting the best from every minute in their lives.

Perhaps they are sitting somewhere, in the magical hour of the day, speaking in the common language of the mountains and enjoying a magical paradise of "mountain lights". The kind of lights that for them, who were exceptional people, must be eternal. From Memorial Maria Luisa of Mountain slides all our respect and admiration. God rest your soul, Master
 11/02/2002.- The Awards Ceremony of the 12th Edition of Memorial María Luisa
This year´s ceremony has had the "International year of the Mountains" as its protagonist.

Last Friday February 8th, the Awards Ceremony of the 12th Edition of Memorial María Luisa took place, as in previous editions, in the Auditorium of Caja de Asturias Savings Bank, placed in the very heart of the city of Oviedo. The place was the meeting point for mountaineers, photographers, the media and public in general, in an evening which became a milestone in the history of this famous contest.

The ceremony was presented by the biologist and mountaineer Jaime Izquierdo. It started at 8.00pm. in a packed Auditorium (the late-comers had to remain outside). Once presented the summary of the 12th Edition (1.045 slides, 250 contestants from 17 countries, etc) the speaker delighted the audience with a talk about the mountain as an environment and the reality that its inhabitants have to face in the year 2002. He also made an interesting reflection on the consequences of the desertion of the traditional chores of pasturage, farming and agriculture in mountain areas.

One of the most moving moments of the ceremony occurred during the reading of the communiqué that the winner of the 12th Edition , Armando Maniciati ,sent from his home in Italy: " ....since the very first moment I had news about the Contest I started thinking about the possibility of selecting some slides and participate.. Later on, when I visited the website of Memorial Maria Luisa and had the opportunity of viewing the slides awarded in previous years I could hardly imagine that I could be the next winner....".

Year after year the Awards Ceremony is eagerly expected, not only because it is the closing act of the annual Edition and the presentation of the prizes of the Memorial but also because it has become customary the showing of an audiovisual based on a selection of the slides which took part in the Contest.

This year´s script for the audiovisual couldn´t be other than explaining the reasons why the year 2002 has been declared International year of the Mountains. So it was shown the premiére of the Audiovisual "Mountains and People" whose script and production was made by members of the staff of the Memorial Maria Luisa. It showed a vision of the world of the mountains, rather than just a sporting vision . On the one hand it showed the physical aspect of the mountains, viewed through a selection of slides which have taken part in the Memorial since the very first edition : mountains, glaciers, flora, fauna and Natural Reserves from all over the world. On the other hand it showed the human aspect of the mountains with a series of slides - non-contestants - in which the main subject is the people who inhabit some of the poorest parts of the world. On this occasion we wanted to favour a state of reflection within the audience, that in this International Year of the Mountains is more necessary than ever.

If we take into account the fact that during the history of the Memorial 10.000 slides have been viewed and we consider that they represent a cultural and geographical diversity that covers 35 countries the only idea of thinking of an audiovisual based on a selection of them should lead us to think that the showing was really luxurious. If you add to this the technical support- last generation projectors, fade-in /fade-out units, 6 metre-wide screen- texts and music carefully selected you can easily conclude that it was a real privilege for the public.

At the end of the showing, those who knew Maria Luisa, deeply moved by her memory, and the rest of the public, astonished by the power of the images, melted together in a long and emotive applause.

""..we couldn´t allow this International year of the Mountains ,2002, sail past the Memorial Maria Luisa….we wanted to make this audiovisual to show our highest consideration and respect towards the people who live in the mountains. Moreover, if the contestants of the Memorial send their best slides, we have the moral obligation of giving the highest level of quality in all the activities we carry out." declared the people in charge of the audiovisuals of the Memorial ,after the Awards Ceremony.

The success of this last edition and the support received, encouraging the continuity of the contest , made the organizers make public ,during the Awards Ceremony itself, the confirmation of a new edition, The XIII Edition. This new edition will be officially called out in September 2002 and, the Organization announced that there will be some novelties.

Everyone attending the Awards Ceremony was presented with an issue of Grandes Espacios, the Memorial official magazine.
 01/02/2002.- Awards Ceremony XII MEMORIAL in the International Year of the Mountain 2002
The Awards Ceremony is on February 8th, at 8 p.m. in the Cajastur Cultural Centre in San Francisco, 4, in Oviedo.

United Nations declared this year 2002 "International Year of the Mountain" last december. Memorial Maria Luisa wants to commemorate this event in its audiovisual "Mountain and People", which will be the first act in Spain for this celebration.

Every one coming will receive one magazin "Grandes Espacios", the official magazin of Memorial Maria Luisa.
 04/01/2002.- First prize XII MEMORIAL MARIA LUISA goes to Italy
This year 1.048 slides entered from countries like France, Turkey, Morocco, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Andorra, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Yugoslavia, Belgium, Chequia.

The jury had difficulties to choose the winner because of the high quality of the entries:
First Prize :
Diapositiva titulada "RED DEER STAG IN BLIZZARD"
Author: Armando Maniciati de Italia.
1º: "LARIX"
Author: Oton Naglost de Eslovenia.
Author: Teodoro Maestro Alonso de Miranda de Ebro.
Author: Jose Venegas Flores de Legazpi.
Author: Luis Antonio Gil de Valencia.
Author: Rene Cremerieux de Francia.
Author: Thomas Gruner de Alemania.
Author: Miguel Angel Otsoa de Legazpi.
Author: Anxo Rial Comesaña de Vigo.
Author: Pilar Miguel Somovilla de Bilbao.
Author: Juan Francisco Cano de Avila.
Author: Josu Altzelai de Legazpi.

These slides and a selection of all the entries will be shown in an audiovisual on 8th February, at 8 p.m. in Centro Cultural Cajastur, calle San Francisco, in Oviedo. Also prizes will be awarded
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