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Lastest News:
 01/12/2001.- The exhibition runs at "LibrerĂ­a Desnivel"
A new exhibition with more pictures (65 cibachromes) can be seen in December in "LibrerĂ­a Desnivel". This place is much more than a bookshop and very well known by mountaineers in Spain.

Address: LibrerĂ­a Desnivel. Plaza Matute nÂș 6 (junto a metro Anton Martin) . Madrid.
10:00 - 14:00
16:30 - 20:30
Closed on Sunday.
Information: Tel. 902-248848
 06/09/2001.- The travelling exhibition goes to Puerto de Vega (Asturias)
The exhibition is now in the west of Asturias. The second fortnight of August it was in Taramundi, and now runs in Puerto de Vega until the 13th September. Address: Casino. Puerto de Vega.


 27/04/2001.- More photos
Our travelling exhibition is a success wherever it runs. For this reason we decided to add more photos to the exhibition. In December the new collection will be ready.

 19/04/2001.- The travelling exhibition goes to Picos de Europa
The exhibition runs from 19/04/01-11/05/01 in Cabrales. This place is well known by mountaineers. Address: Ateneo Cabraliego - Casa de Cultura. Santa MarĂ­a de Illas. Cabrales. Asturias.

 17/03/2001.- The travelling exhibition goes to the University
The exhibition opens on the 15th March until the 29th March in the University of Navarra, in Pamplona. Address: Universidad de Navarra. Edificio de Ciencias Sociales. Pamplona.

 17/02/2001.- Awards Ceremony XI Memorial
Awards Ceremony held on February 16th at the Cajastur Cultural Centre was a success. The video and the audiovisual showing best slides won plaudits from public.

 05/01/2001.- Prizes of XI Memorial Maria Luisa
The amount of entries and the high quality of many of them made the final decision very difficult. Finally, here are the prizes:

First Prize:

Slide: "Un frĂ­o que apasiona"
Author: David CĂ©spedes Barroso (Ciudad Real-Spain)

Consolation Prizes

Slide: "Luna llena en el Shisha Pangma"
Author: Fernando Rivero DĂ­az (Arenas de San Pedro-Spain)

Slide: "Arroyo Helado"
Author: Arnaud Spani Tellechea (Oviedo-Spain)

Slide: "Tot Pasturant"
Author: Jordi Busquets Nuell (Gerona-Spain)

Slide: "Marka Valley"
Author: Jean-Luc Roux (France)

Slide: "Swing Balade"
Author: Pascal Goussu (France)

Slide: "Coiron"
Author: Pierre-Alain Treyvaud (Switzerland)

Slide: "Night"
Author: Aleksander Cufar (Slovenia)

Other Distinctions:

Slide: "Parapente I"
Author: Daniel Raoulas (France)

Slide: "Floreado"
Author: Luis Javier Alonso SotorrĂ­os (GijĂłn-Spain)

Slide: "Les Bouquetins"
Author: Jean-Louis Beau-Blanche (France)

Slide: "Cara a Cara"
Author: Roberto GarcĂ­a Alvarez (Luarca-Spain)

Slide: "Ibex Silmouettes"
Author: Pascal Goussu (France)

Slide: "Must"
Author: Mirko Bijuklic (Slovenia)

Slide: "Vollegas"
Author: Willy Debroyer (Belgium)

Slide: "Utah"
Author: José A.Torres Tabanera (Målaga-Spain)

Slide: "Caminos de Roca"
Author: José Isidoro Gordito Girón (Madrid-Spain)

These slides and a selection of all the entries will be shown on 16th February 2001 in Centro Cultural Cajastur , calle San Francisco, 5, in Oviedo. Also prizes will be awarded.
Everyone coming to see the audiovisual will receive a magazine "Grandes Espacios", the official Magazine of "Memorial Maria Luisa".
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