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The University of Navarra's Mountaineering Club (CMUN) is a long-established group which is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary at the service of the university community. Due to Pamplona's geographical location and the diverse origin of the students, many want to make the most of their stay in Navarra and get to know the cultural and social wealth as well as the sports options the Pyrenees have to offer. In addition to excursions organised on an almost weekly basis, the CMUN has made an effort to complement the hiking and mountain climbing outings with slide projections, exhibitions and other cultural activities.

Within this context, the Memorial María Luisa Travelling Exhibition seemed extremely appropriate and interesting. We learned of its existence from the web page and, when we received the necessary information, asked for the contribution of the Cultural and Social Activity Service of the University of Navarra to cover the cost. A pamphlet was published for the occasion, and the exhibition was installed in one of the buildings of the university, located at the heart of the campus and very appropriate for this type of exhibitions.

The Exhibition got a very favourable reception from students, employees and teachers of the University. Navarra has a long-standing mountaineering tradition and therefore initiatives of this kind almost have success guaranteed. The Exhibition was also promoted by the Navarra Mountain Federation and specialised shops frequented by mountaineering-lovers of the city. Thus, quite a few people from Navarra came to the university campus to see the Exhibition. The variety of themes and the quality of the photographs was, without doubt, the main virtue emphasised by the several hundred visitors that enjoyed the Exhibition of the Memorial María Luisa during the two weeks it stayed with us.

Iñaki Bergera - Club de Montaña Universidad de Navarra

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